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Find a transport solution with Avis Chauffeur

Thanks to our international team, find a chauffeur in nearly 600 cities around the world. With a network of partners sharing the same level of prestige and a great attention to detail. Avis chauffeur bends to your requirements in terms of comfort and safety to the four corners of the world.

Find a transport solution with Avis Chauffeur worldwide?

Find a transport solution with Avis Chauffeur?

Organisation and logistical planning of all your people transportation needs.
Provision of all types of chauffeur-driven vehicle worldwide.


Need a chauffeur-driven travel solution in the United States?

Do you want to organise your Road-Show United States? Your Avis Chauffeur car awaits you in all major cities of North America.

In New York, in Manhattan, in Boston, in Washington D.C, in Miami, in Los Angeles, in Chicago, in Houston, in San Francisco, in Philadelphia, in Dallas, in Detroit, in Atlanta, in Las Vegas.

In Alabama, in Alaska, in Arizona, in Arkansas, in California, in North Carolina, South Carolina, in Colorado, in Connecticut, in Dakota, in Delaware, in Florida, in Georgia, in Hawaii, in Idaho, in Illinois, in Indianna, in Kansas, in Kentucky, in Louisiana, in Maine, in Maryland, in Massachusetts, in Michigan, in Minnesota, in Mississippi, in Missouri, in Montana, in Nebraska, in Nevada, in New Hampshire, in New Jersey, in New Mexico, in New York state, in Ohio, in Oklahoma, in Oregon, in Pennsylvania, in Rhode Island, in Tennessee, in Utah, in Vermont, in Virginia, in Washington state, in Wisconsin…

Need a chauffeur-driven travel solution in South America?

Avis Chauffeur organises your travel chauffeur-driven vehicle in all the major cities of South America.

In Buenos Aires, in Santa Cruz, in Sao Paulo, in Santiago, Chile, in San devé, in Havana, in Mexico, in Panama…

In Argentina, in Barbados, in Brazil, in Chile, in Granada, in Guadeloupe, in Martinique, in Porto Rico, in Santa Lucia, in Saint Vincent, in the Grenadines, in Trinity and Tobago, in Uruguay, in Venezuela, in the American Virgin Islands…

Need a chauffeur-driven travel solution in Asia?

With Avis Chauffeur, your professional chauffeur awaits you in all major cities of Asia.

In Seoul, in Calcutta, in Bombay, in Delhi, in Istanbul, in Beijing, in Shanghai, in Hong Kong, in Singapore, in Tokyo, in Moscow, in Ryad, in Riad, in Riyadh…

In China, in India, in Japan, in South Korea, in Saudi Arabia, in Russia, in Taiwan, in Indonesia, in Malaysia, in Vietnam, in Bahrain, in Israel, in Kuwait, in Lebanon, in Oman, in Qatar, in Turkey…


Avis chauffeur answers your questions and offers you transportation solutions over five continents. Call us now for more details: +33 1 45 54 33 65.

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